also known as Caister-by-Yarmouth, Norfolk.


On Good Fridays many families walked to the 'Caister Treacle Mines'. In was one of those activities that families enjoyed doing the first half of the 20th Century, when before television had established itself as a major pastime - families often went walking together. What better than a stroll through country lane to the 'Caister Treacle Mines'. There were flowers to pick, birds to see, and if the sun was shining and it always seemed to be, walking in the countryside was most enjoyable. There was always the chances that someone had set up and ice-cream stall near the 'mines'. Then, just north of Caister there was California, another favourite area to walk along the coast.


Going to the 'Treacle Mines' or California was something to do on school holidays. It was something to look forward to; at Caister there was an old rusting heap of iron taken from a disused pumping station, it had been there for years, some used to say it was placed over the entrance to the mine and was infact a "treacle extractor". It was also claimed that this 'mine' was mentioned in the Domesday Book - records almost indecipherable on "yellowing pages suffering from molassian lamination".


But, what a surprise when two boys found a tunnel linking Caister to California. They wrote a song about their discovery :-

California here we come

From Caister where we started from

Here treacle miners work was done

Discovered by Crane and Brian Williamson.


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