In the market town of DORKING in Surrey, standing on the river Mole just below the North Downs, there was much activity and some very secretive work going on.. The local industry was "lime burning" but there was a more sticky business being contemplated. "Treacle Mining" was on the agenda of the "Dorking Appreciation Fowlbreeding Trust" (DAFT). The town of Dorking was noted for the Dorking Fowl a hen with its peculiar characteristic of its breed of a fowl that possessed a fifth toe. So its was agreed by the DAFT group to form a fifth column of "Treacle Miners". They discussed where in Surrey these special groups should be established. Dorking was in the vicinity of some of the finest scenery in Surrey which included Box Hill, Leith Hill, Betchworth, Abinger and Ranmore and of course Glory Woods. A vote was taken and it was decided that, for the defence of the 'Dorking Gap', Rowhook near Horsham, Chobham, Tongham railway station, Claygate and Brookham, should be the first sites for possible treacle mines; this was a 'DAFT' decision and plans were set in place.


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