Treacle Mine in Halton ?

In the village of Halton near Lancaster in 1903 there was much light hearted talk about a "Treacle Mine". Could this be a joke? Surely there were no such places as treacle mines.

But, at a time when the country was facing the possibility of an invasion from the continent, the Prime Minister appealed for volunteer troops to defend their country. The men of Halton answered that call.

Nearly every man of the parish of Halton, 140 in total, all capable of bearing arms enrolled as P.I.E. agents. These volunteer groups were known as "Treacle Miners" and they carried out orders from 'H' the head of P.I.E. (Political Intelligence Executive). Amongst the Treacle miners of Horwich were three village leaders; the Lord of the Manor; the vicar of the Parish Church and the owner of Halton Cotton Mill.

Their head quarters were underground and the entrance was via an hollow oak tree. They were trained in the use of arms by agents sent by P.I.E. The Treacle Miners of Halton were linked to the treacle Miners in Sabden near Burnley and received the only distress signal ever sent; it was simply ---ooo ooo ooo = send some sausages !


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