Tockholes near Blackburn in Lancashire. In April 1959 Bob Bryce took over the Rock Inn in Tockholes and re-opened the defunct Tockholes Treacle Mine. The mines were on the hillside above Blackburn and Bob Bryce with a few of his friends, found the entrance down a dilapidated shaft, rigged up a system of ropes and pulleys and dropped into the mine and were pleased to find that treacle was still there. So they dug out what the could People came from miles around to see the mine shaft and workings. However, the winters, in the early 60's were hard and the treacle became so solid that the refining machinery seized up. By summer the treacle would run down the hillside. It was sticky business trying to scoop it up into tins. Then, in 1968, the mine shaft caved in and Bob Bryce had to close down the mine. No treacle has been mined in Tockholes from than date.


TOCKHOLES TREACLE MINE - The Tockholes Treacle Mine discovered under the “Rock Inn” is to be reopened by John Christopher. John examined the maps left by Bob Bryce (1959) and decided to take a further look. Watch this space!!



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